Affiliation of Paramedical College Shree College

Affiliation of Paramedical College Shree College

Welcome To Shree College of Paramedical Sciences

( ISO 9001:2015 Certified)

Shree College of Paramedical Science is committed to the nation for producing top quality paramedical and management professionals. In this mission, SCPS will always maintain high standards of dignity and diligence. SCPS will never compromise to unethical means for achieving its targets and always stand affirm against unlawful activities. Our College is managing various educational institutes in India, identifying and meeting the need, want and demand of the day for the internationally recognized management education. The company has taken affiliation with leading international education bodies that makes its brands like The Health Care College of Paramedical Science as one of the most sought after healthcare college in India. I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities offered at the Shree College of Paramedical Science, Navtariya ,Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar (U.P.)

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